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    Another layer of understanding on oil and petrochemical reform

      American scholar James Moore in " The Decline and Fall of the competition ," a book put forward the concept of ecosystem district , published in 1996 , believes the district economies like biological ecosystems as mutual influence and mutual competition while providing mutual assistance and stimulation.

      After this theory into China , get a great play . However, the current state of the ecosystem domestic petroleum and petrochemical business district , it is difficult to describe with optimism .

      By the external economic environment , industry profit margins decline significantly . After the 2008 financial crisis , most of our petroleum and petrochemical enterprise profitability was gradually decline.

      Internal funding shortages, poor circulation . Regulated since 2010 by the impact , "money shortage" led to the petroleum and petrochemical industry is currently " severe ischemia ," cash flow shortages seriously hindered the healthy development of enterprises.

      Limitations of the local economy and hinder the development of enterprises . The nature of the petroleum and petrochemical industries in various regions tend to group similar businesses , such as near the port are engaged in trading , near field are engaged in processing, close to the city are engaged in retail. Part of the administrative department is also convenient for management purposes , jurisdiction would like to see the same type of business . However, such development ideas ignored the necessity of three-dimensional industrial chain to promote the flow of production factors within the system within the district, as well as promote the development of enterprises .

      The lack of new technology breakthrough , hard to find innovative power . Research and innovation system do not live, do not pull up the commanding heights of industry , economic restructuring can not be completed , industry hematopoietic capacity decreased.

      Unrealized get a lot of cheap raw materials breakthrough , lack of material support . Shale gas and deepwater areas , China has not yet reached the level of development in the U.S. and Brazil , so that the petrochemical industry access to cheap chemicals to reduce the difficulty of the cost increases.

      In addition , the reform of the petroleum and petrochemical fields still in progress, the reform of enterprises have yet to enjoy the release of the market value of the bonus .

      Solve the above problems , the focus is clear institutional barriers and innovative models of two points. On the current situation of reform , the "negative list " system and financial innovation in the field of petroleum and petrochemical petroleum and petrochemical business district is clear ecosystem internal circulation, to find new points of economic profit contribution of oil and gas resources and to break the existing pattern of development two weapon.

      First, the negative list is the boundary where the reform is the main indicator of the reform path , it explains what things reforms can not be touched , but also indicates a way of reform. "Money shortage" , get rid of the problem of institutional barriers , local limitations, as well as energy price reform are needed to define the route of the negative list . Therefore , the negative list of petroleum and petrochemical areas you need to study and formulate it.

      Currently, the negative list of items specified in the petroleum and petrochemical industry is very limited , and many issues that need further refinement, not just stay in the " China ( Shanghai ) free trade access to special test area of foreign investment management measures ( negative list ) ( 2013 ) "Such a regional international cooperation on demonstration samples . Throughout the country and throughout the petroleum and petrochemical systems are expecting the introduction of a more detailed negative list to figure out how to take advantage of further reform of public funding , the local government to simplify the approval procedures, and a variety of corporate monetization of assets , securitization financing transactions and other issues. Unobstructed path , the boundaries clear, petroleum and petrochemical circulation problems within the system naturally solved.

      Secondly, we want to take advantage of the large opportunities for financial innovation , fully guided use of public funding and third-party financial platform , implementing the " take wealth to the people , to help the people , serve the people" service philosophy . In the course of private capital services , third-party financial platform is " go-between " the eye of a needle , the amplification effect of the lever , the fulcrum is on revitalize River .

      To professional, orderly, sun , clear guide private capital through financial innovations to enter the oil and petrochemical fields , to the professional research, oil and gas development , the retail energy market , oil and gas price mechanism invigorate .

      To establish a market-oriented business approach liquidity , diversification enliven the scientific research system, improve the pricing mechanism to fully reflect market demand , the establishment of foreign investors can get in, the capital of "going out " convenience channels, as well as fair trade procurement sun systems. In these respects , the role of third-party professional platforms indispensable.

      Only to find a good eye of a needle , with a good lever , set a good fulcrum to note hanging river of fire , break through institutional barriers , to find a new growth point and drive its rapid growth , to create a good ambassador to the development of system-wide petroleum district.



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